Plastic Consulting – Services

Plastic Consulting provides a wide variety of services including digital forensic evaluation, general computer/network support, project management consultations, and website design and maintenance. We provide a distinct advantage over the rest of the competition due to our experience, credentials, and excellent customer service.

Below is a list of services we provide, if you do not see please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Digital Forensic Incident Response
  • Website Creation/Design
  • Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization
  • Computer/Network Support
  • Project Management

Is your computer sluggish and slow? It may be infected with viruses/malware which can often lead to performance issues or it may just need a general “tune-up”. We offer a basic “tune-up” for your computer which includes:

  • Free pick up & return
  • Registry scan & clean up
  • Scan & remove viruses
  • Install security updates
  • Uninstall programs from start up
  • Remove dust from inside the unit
  • Suggestions to optimize performance

We also provide website design/maintenance services custom tailored to your personal and/or business needs. Please visit the websites below for a sample of projects completed for clients: